On September 25, 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals were agreed to by 193 world leaders at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015. The summit was held between 25-17 September 2015 in New York.

The 17 goals are the replacement for the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals go much further than the Millennium Development Goals because they address the root causes of poverty and pledge to leave no person or community behind, including all vulnerable groups. The Sustainable Development Goals are intended to be universal – to apply to all countries rather than just the developing countries in our Planet.

The focus of our Foundation, in furtherance of the Sustainable Development Goals, are Goals: 7 Affordable and Clean Energy and 13 Climate Action.

The Foundation is committed to mobilise its cause and movement in order to ensure access to affordable, reliable sustainable and modern energy for the energy poor and to take action to combat climate change and its impact on our Planet caused by the energy poor.


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