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More than 1 billion people in our Planet are without access to adequate healthcare, with medical staff forced to treat emergency patients in the dark. Health Centres lack power in order to store vaccines or sterilise medical supplies.

In India, nearly half of all health facilities – serving an estimated 580 million people – lack electricity. A further 255 million people are treated by Health Centres without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

For critical and urgent health services such as emergency treatments and childbirth, staff have no option but to cope as well as possible in low lighting or in the dark, increasing the risk for all patients, including mothers and babies.” – Energy Outlook 2013 Report. 

Centres which do have access to power and hindered in their operation by frequent power shortages. Almost half of vaccines go to waste because they cannot consistently be kept cool.

Approximately 800 women on our Planet die every day from pregnancy – or childbirth – related complications. 99% of these women live in energy poor developing countries. More than 20 newborn children die every minute, often due to the lack of oxygen.

Energy Outlook reported: This … directly affects services such as childbirth and emergency treatment, and limits night-time services. It can also lead to wasted vaccines, blood and medicines that require constant storage temperatures …”