Support our movement and cause – seconds of your commitment will avoid future years of failure. It is your commitment that will make the change.

Our financial independence means we are free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality in the furtherance of our objectives.

Please donate and support our cause by getting involved in one of the ways outlined below.

Donations are tax deductible in Australia. The Green Planet Foundation has entered into a DGR Auspice Agreement with Green Day Lifehouse, an organisation endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient under subdivision 30-BA Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The Green Day Lifehouse has agreed to act as Auspicor on behalf of the Green Planet Foundation in order to support the facilitation, implementation, execution, delivery and outcome of the Foundation’s charitable projects. If you have any questions in relation to the DGR Auspice Agreement/Arrangement please do not hesitate to use our online contact/enquiry form.

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Other ways to take action:


Workplace Movement & Support


Workplace movement and support is a simple and cost effective way of supporting the Foundation. Employees save on tax and Employers demonstrate global corporate social responsibility.


Workplace movement and support is one of the most efficient and cost effective means of making a donation to the Foundation. Your ongoing donation, which is deducted automatically from your Pre-Tax income each pay period, allows the Foundation to plan long term projects to save our Planet.




An employee involved with workplace movement and support will have donations deducted from their pre-tax income which reduces the taxable income and the amount of tax paid each year. For example, based on a marginal tax rate of 30% for taxable income between $25,001 and $75,000 and a Medicare levy of 1.5%, a supporting donation to the Foundation of $50.00 per month from an employee’s pre-tax income means it will only cost the employee $34.25 – the Australian Taxation Office will cover the balance.


A receipt shall be provided confirming the total supporting donation at the end of the financial year for accounting purposes.




An employer’s involvement, contribution and support of the Foundation is a rewarding way to demonstrate a commitment of business and corporate social responsibility to long term economic, social and ecological development of our Planet.


A commitment of support by you demonstrates to investors, shareholders, employees, clients, customers and the public that you care and do want to make a difference to our Planet.


Your care and support does pay dividends. As a small measure of our appreciation, we will post your business logo on our web site as a Contributor to the Foundation, in recognition of your generosity and support.


“We need business to give practical meaning and reach to the values and principles that connect cultures and people everywhere” Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations


Workplace Movement & Support Donation Form


Complete and send our Donation Form [pdf] to the Green Planet Foundation to have your donation, for an amount that you determine, to be deducted from your income each pay period, in support of the Foundation.


Fundraising Movement


We ask and urge you to support our cause and movement. We need your willingness to engage proactively to support our Foundation by arranging fund raising events.


We ask you to arrange a group or groups to walk or cycle together as a movement to – “Say No To Energy Poverty”.


Help us bring awareness to the Green Planet Foundation by wearing green t/shirts with our logo and message.


Major Donor Movement


Major Donors play an important role in supporting our work to save our Planet. The Foundation values meaningful alliances and partnerships and would be grateful to discuss different options for major donor support. Building long term relationships is a vital aspect of our work in order to ensure that our work and influence is sustainable and continues to grow.


Corporate Movement


We implore Corporate Donors to join our movement to save our Planet.


Becoming a corporate supporter of the Foundation is a rewarding way to highlight your commitment in acting in a global socially responsible manner.


By supporting the Foundation through corporate donations you are helping to make a real and lasting difference to our Planet.


A commitment by you will realise an opportunity to contribute to life-changing programs and provide you with recognition from a wider international community that your organisation is socially responsible. A commitment by you will also provide a promotional opportunity to increase your brand awareness in a positive light.


Trusts and Foundations


A charitable trust donation to the Green Planet Foundation will help protect our Planet, end energy poverty, promote equality and uphold human dignity.


With supporting grants and donations from Trusts, Foundations, Private Ancillary Funds the Green Planet Foundation will be empowered to fund a range of technological aid and development programs to help the poorest of the poor.


Pro-Bono Support


Help support our cause and movement by donating goods and services to our Foundation.




A bequest in your Will to the Foundation, by way of support, will help the Foundation plan long term, life-giving programs of aid and development. Legacies are crucial to our movement to save our Planet.


A Will bequest to the Foundation is a simple means to continue caring, and ensures your passion and commitment to our Planet continues in the future. Leaving even a small amount will not cost you at all today; however, it will have a significant impact on future generations.


The Foundation understands that your family and friends come first and once you have considered them we ask you to please take a moment to consider leaving a bequest in your Will to the Foundation.


You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference. A gift to the Foundation in your Will, no matter how small, is a powerful way to influence the future of our Planet by making a real and lasting difference.




"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, it is an act of justice."

- Nelson Mandela