Corporate Governance

The Green Planet Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who convene on a regular basis in order to ensure that the Foundation adheres to its Constitution. The Board of Directors also ensures that the Foundation sustains services and maintains accurate and clear accounts.

The Board & Management

The Board of Directors of the Green Planet Foundation consists of skilled, experienced, professional Directors. The Board ensures the Foundation obtains and appropriately uses the resources required to carry out its objectives and sustain the same. For further information, including our Constitution, please click on ACNC button of our navigation page.

Other responsibilities of the Board are to:

  •  approve the annual budget of the organisation
    •    approve the audited accounts
    •    monitor the operations and activities of the Foundation
    •    approve policies
    •    approve funding for the relief of energy poverty & technology provisions

Accountability & Accreditation

The Green Planet Foundation follows the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Our governance structures reflect our fundamental respect for democratic principles and our need to maintain a high level of professionalism. In effecting this objective, we ensure our generous supporters clearly know how funds are spent.

The financial accounts of the Green Planet Foundation are independently audited on an annual basis as a matter of law.