Our Planet’s climate is a complex system, with certain important gases in the atmosphere that maintain our climate within a livable state. Our climate has changed and altered many times as a result of its response to natural causes; however, the term to “climate change” as it is now commonly referred to, usually refers to changes that have occurred post 1900s.

Our climate and weather are very different matters and the level of predictability is comparably different. Weather is the temperature, precipitation (rain, hail, sleet and snow) and the wind, which change hour-by-hour and day-by-day. The climate is weather and the nature or state of its variations averaged over a prolonged period of time.

Climate change is occurring as a direct consequence of greenhouse gases in our Planet’s atmosphere. Some gases exist in the atmosphere naturally. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural and crucial greenhouse gas – it is essential for plant life. However CO2 levels have increased over the past decades and in the past 250 years have since escalated by approximately 37 per cent. Methane gas (NH4) has increased by approximately 150 per cent and Nitrous Oxide (N20) by some 18 per cent. This escalation and increase are far more than can be accounted for and/or absorbed by the natural processes of our atmosphere. 

Scientists have documented the aforesaid increases and also documented the amount of greenhouse gases we as a universal community have released into our Planet’s atmosphere.

There exists overwhelming scientific data and consensus that an increase in the greenhouse gases released into our Planet’s atmosphere by our international community from burning coal, oil and gas, has led to an elevated greenhouse effect and global warming. As a direct result of the release of greenhouse gases, over the past century, there has been an underlying increase and volatility in average temperatures. The ten hottest years on record globally have been since 1997.

We as a Planet have an incumbent responsibility to mitigate and reduce greenhouse gases we produce and release into our atmosphere. Enhancing energy efficiency, increasing reliance on and investment in renewable, sustainable energy to reduce climate change is our responsibility.